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Unveiled, presents a visual narrative that places special emphasis on identity, tradition, values, humanity, and the communion between and within them.

Sponsored with a personal and poetic feel, Van Hughes explores and documents people, cultures, and things of peculiar and singular character that coexist within each other in markets and flea markets, from an every day and mundane perspective.

On another level, in making use of photography and markets as a metaphorical setting, the intention of this book is not only to create a dossier of market images but also to create a discourse between a current world governed by technology and a world where we can still reminisce about the sociocultural habits of yesteryear. This juxtaposition offers insights as to how human beings are changing and how the change affects our social behaviors, communication habits, and relationships — as well as our spirituality.

PORTADA MERCADILLOS 2 grande copia.jpg

A book about markets and

the people who bring them alive.

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