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I relate to truth, humanity, fairness, genuineness and curiousity.

Van Hughes, was born in St. Petersburg, Florida, U.S.A on the  27 de september, 1970. At the age of six his family moved to Alicante, Spain where he spent the rest of his childhood. At the age of 17 he moves to the United States, where he studies fine art at Parsons School of Design and the New world School of the Arts. 

His career, concern and training as a visual artist has led him to the practice of different artistic disciplines. His paintings and ceramic work have been exhibited in galleries in the U.S and Spain; Hansell Gallery, West End Gallery, Lonja de Pescado de Alicante, The Ceramic Exposition Center of Manises and the University of Alicante.

He devoted several years to illustrating and worked for the Austin Chronicle, Texas Bar Journal, SEDL, and Texas restaurant Association.

For over 20 years, Van Hughes has worked as a graphic designer, creative director and product designer while sharing his commitment to his pictorical and photographic work. His merrits include a first prize award of the national photography contest of Crevillente, Spain.

He currently resides in Alicante, Spain, involved in several photographic projects regarding social and humanitarian issues. His most recent project has been the book: “Acoge un plato” for the Spanish Commission of refugee aid. (CEAR) and "Héroes del Barro", "Heroes of Clay". An homenage book to the tradictional potteres in Agost, Spain.

As an artist / photographer I am driven by different aspects of life. Aesthetics must be present but digging deeper I find my self aliased with what is there, but runs the risk of vanishing. Our history, conservation, tradition, culture, the visual folklore of our villages. This is intimately conected to my childhood and growing up in the Spain of yesteryear and the intence interest of identity and genuineness.

Through the camera I am interested in being able to cause awareness, create a meaningful significance, leave stories for others to see in the future and that can be heard louder in the present.

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