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Current project

Hidden Identity - Souvenirs

Artist Statement

Finding sense to what one does can be a lifetimes pursuit. I believe for the most part that discovering your truth, finding honesty in yourself, can establish a starting guideline.

My photography relates to authenticity, cultural heritage and conservation, identity, humanistic values and singularity. Currently and for many years, most of my work has been rooted and contextualized in Spain, the country I mainly grew up in and where I live. Growing up here has made it possible for me to see how the country and culture has evolved and changed throughout the years. Due to this I am strongly driven by nostalgia in search of the above mentioned elements and of my own self and feelings of yesteryear.  

Change, newness, and tourism seem to have been overlapping genuineness from the Spanish culture, as so it happens in other countries. Although identity can shift as time moves, I connect to the one I feel most pure and makes me feel most alive. 

I can still find places such as local markets, fishermen´s villages, abandoned buildings or old neighborhoods that still conserve and speak about heritage, time and the cultural language that I resonate with. 

As an artistic response to this and from a nostalgic perspective, I am able to recover feelings through a timeline using photography to portray that to which I feel connected to, giving me an honest sense and reason to what I am doing. 



It is not only about places, where sometimes the silence reigns and other times the bustle, but also about the people, through their face expressions or habits or through metaphorical details, or objects that can relate to me or tell a story with a soulful or symbolic connection. These are all furnished or signed with a humanistic, sentive and honest set of values, which are the most important and motivational aspect of my work.


My approach can be found or sought. I walk through streets, photographing scenes that eco towards me. I let my unconscious lead me as if I was in trance. During the process several visual and social aspects may coexist, such as the extraordinary, the curious, the humorous, innocence, tradition, cultural habits, family or religion. Many times I allow  space to juxtapose a more modern imagery to create a visual clash and conversation.
I make use of streetphotography in many cases to achieve my goals. Or may I say I take photographs on the streets. This gives me the opportunity to find new neighborhoods, talk to people or come across others that conserve a uniqueness. It makes me feel alive and purposeful. Other times I return to certain scenarios to photograph preconceived scenes, normally guided by my childhood memories.