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MARCH 17 - 2024


Madrid´s Rastro is a unique and epic flea market full of interesting people and things, where everything is far from the ordinary. Connected to "La Latina", we will also have the possibility of covering the Lavapies area, another great place to come across some captivating images.

​The aim of this workshop is to help you grow as a street photographer while you share with others your passion and enjoy a unique part of Madrid in a fun and engaging way. I will be helping you at any given moment with all of your doubts.

​Whether you are already experienced or starting out, you are welcome, but must know your camera and basic photography skills. Street photography in the Rastro of Madrid is a true motivation, so if you are feeling on the low end, it´s a great place to re-energize yourself.

​Street photography is a candid style of photography but can host different aspects of the human condition such as the comical, the incredible, the coincidental, the humanistic, cultural heritage...


​Language: English / Spanish

This photowalk is aimed for both, English and Spanish language speaking candidates. 

​Meeting point: Mansilla Libros y Café. 9:00 AM

(Open on Google Maps)

(Calle de Embajadores, 26, Centro, 28005 Madrid)

We will be able to enjoy this lovely little café exclusively for one hour approx). After a brief introduction, breakfast and some theory, we will head off to the Rastro. (Breakfast is on me) ;)

At 12:00h a quick get together and brunch at a given local bar for a snack and rest. After, we will continue with some more street photography.

At 15:00h the market starts to shut down. For those who would like to stay, we will be having lunch together and commenting on our work and experience.

For a complete review you will be abl